Import "not submitted yet" ADIT-NMR session to CVS

This happens when

  1. authors submit a joint PDB-BMRB deposition to PDB but not to BMRB
    1. either because they intend to upload more NMR data
    2. or due to misunderstanding,
  2. PDB annotates coordinates and returns the entry to us,
  3. before the authors go back to ADIT-NMR sesion and submit it to BMRB

The assumption is that authors choosing (1) will complete the BMRB side of their deposition quickly, before we get annotated coordinates back from PDB. If that does not happen, we need to import the “BMRB side” into CVS so that we can annotate it and send the chemical shifts to PDB.

To do that you need session restart ID, e.g. and deposition ID, e.g. 1X2Y3Z4

  1. login to shark (or piranha if shark happens to be down) as adit
  2. go to session directory:
     cd /raid/adit/aditnmr-req-shifts/adit/sessions/bmrb-adit/
  3. run
    cvs -d /cvsentries -m 'manual import of "nsy" entry' 1X2Y3Z4 ADIT-NMR start

You should see a list of files. If it ends with “No conflicts created by this import”, you're done, you can start annotating the entry.