E-mail setup


If your “smart” e-mail software is trying to automagicaly guess the right settings and fails, find the “Manual configuration” option.

Mailbox typeIMAP
Usernameyour BMRB username
Passwordyour BMRB login password

To access your mailbox from home,

  • also check “use SSL” (or just “SSL”, or “Use secure connection”) – this will encrypt your password (as well as everything else, but password is what we really care about).
  • Make sure that port number is 993 (IMAP-SSL) – with some e-mail software you may have to set that manually.

SSL note: we are using “self-signed” SSL certificate: it is signed by ourselves rather than by a “known certificate authority”. In addition, server imap.bmrb.wisc.edu also has another name (as of the time of this writing: cowfish.bmrb.wisc.edu) and SSL certificates don't play well with multiple host names. For either or both of those reasons, when connecting for the first time your mail software will most likely complain that certificate “cannot be trusted” and possibly also that it's not issued to the correct host. Tell it to accept the certificate (“forever” rather than “for current session only” if those choices are available).



To use it as outgoing server from home, also

authenticationusername and password
  • “use SSL” (or just “SSL”, or “Use secure connection”)
  • change port number to 465

And see the SSL note above.