Managing BMRB IDs

Assigned BMRB ID ranges

  • 0000: used for testing.
  • 1..4000: created as earliest versions of NMR-STAR: 1.x (oldest ones were manually entered from journals).
  • 4001..~6640: originally created as NMR-STAR 2.x, mostly deposited via NMRDep system.
  • 6640..9998: some were deposited via early versions of ADIT-NMR as NMR-STAR-3.0. Some were created by “splitting” existing depositions, many: as NMR-STAR 2.1.
  • 9999: as of the time of this writing: was used for testing occasionally (use 0000 for testing instead). Can be used for a real entry.
  • 10000..11999: PDBJ-BMRB “joint” ADIT-NMR.
  • 12000..14999: PDBJ-BMRB “BMRB only” ADIT-NMR.
  • 15000..19999: BMRB “joint” ADIT-NMR.
  • 20000..24999: PDBJ-BMRB small molecules.
  • 25000..26499: BMRB “joint” ADIT-NMR.
  • 26500..29999: BMRB “BMRB only” ADIT-NMR.
  • 30000..31999: RCSB Rutgers CD&A.
  • 32000..33999: RCSB San Diego CD&A.
  • 34000..35999: PDBe CD&A.
  • 36000..37999: PDBJ CD&A.

How to edit ID range in ADIT-NMR

ADIT-NMR reads IDs from a CIF file. The file is set in adit config: ${ADIT_ROOT}/adit/config/bmrb-adit/adit-nmr-config.cif as

_Adit_nmr_config.ADIT_ID_POOL_BMRB_FILENAME "id_pool_bmrb.cif"

The file must be in the same directory as adit-nmr-config.cif.

File format is


999998 9Z0Q0Q1
999999 9Z0Q0Q2

– the first value is the BMRB ID, the second: deposition ID.

Add more IDs

You can use id_pool_maker binary located in the same directory to generate the lists of IDs.

Simply append the list of IDs to the end of the id_pool file.

Delete IDs

The file depNum_BMRB.txt in the same directory contains the row number of the last assigned ID in the _id_pool loop. You can delete rows below that one.