Installing updates on QA and public platforms

Where to install the update

SOP is to edit ADIT-NMR code and install dictionary updates on the programmer's platform, test, push the full1) install to QA and have it tested, then push the full install to production servers.


  • “Dictionary only” can be installed on any of the platforms, but installing on production directly will bypass all the testing.
  • This does not update maxit, it needs to be installed on each target system manually.

If you need to revert to a previous version, the “full tarball” on the programmer platform is in git repository. You can checkout the previous version and push it to QA and production: (as adit on

cd /var/www/aditnmr
git checkout HEAD\~1 migrate-ADIT-NMR-with-dict.tgz

(where HEAD~1 means “previous commit” in git-speak; you can also do HEAD~2 etc.)

Then install the tarball as described below.

Full update

Run make fulltar in mmcif-input-tool/mmcif-input-tool-v14, then cd ../... I usually do git commit -a -m `date` (for “if you need to revert…” above).

Copy (scp or netcat) migrate-ADIT-NMR-with-dict.tgz to the target platform: deposit-qa:/var/www/aditnmr or shark:/raid/adit/aditnmr-req-shifts and run ./localbin/ in that directory.

Dictionary-only update

  1. Don't.
  2. If you must,
    1. make dicttar on programmer's platform will create migrate-ADIT-NMR-only-dict.tgz file that can be copied to target platform and installed with localbin/ as above; however, I don't think that procedure's been tested recently (or ever),
    2. or you can follow the dictionary update procedure changing paths to wherever ADIT-NMR is installed on the target platform.
1) we usually do full code + dictionary update even when it's only the dictionary that's changed